Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Liam Neeson's Conversion to Islam

The newspaper "Daily Mail" revealed the news of the British convert to British actor "Liam Neeson," Islam, despite exceeding one year 59-year-old, during a business trip to Turkey.

The paper through dialogue has done with "Liam", he converted to Islam out of conviction and that he w performance of the five prayers and those suffering only a week will conas having difficulty in the beginning led him to madness particularly in thetinue until accustomed to prayer and became by him pretty fun spirituality.
He added, "Neeson," it was a convert to Catholicism, but he was always reading books about the existence of God or the absence of what he paid to wonder what are we doing on this planet? The goal of our existence on earth? Those questions Gelath think so much found all the questions in the Islamic religion, which recently embraced.

It is noteworthy that "Liam Neeson" representative of an Irish-born 7 June 1952, like a lot of high-profile films and winning a lot of awards such as Schindler's List the role of Oskar Schindler and Star Wars, Batman and taken ((Taken)) and the unknown ((Unknown)) and Tekken 2 (film 2012).
Nominated "Liam" the Oscar for Best Lead Actor in the film Schindler's List and was also nominated for many of the Golden Globe.
It was noted the intention of British actor Liam Neeson intention to convert to Islam, and after that influenced voice software during filming in Turkish city of Istanbul, explaining that he had sixty boat old and it affected voice software during the filming of the movie "Taken 2" in Istanbul.